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Sad! Last Words Of Eddie Nartey’s Late Wife, Vida, Before Her Shocking Demise Pops Up

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Ghanaians woke up to the sad news that actor and movie director, Eddie Nartey has lost his wife Vida Ohenewaa Nartey just two years after marriage.

This sad news has taken over social media trends. Colleagues of the actor have taken to their various social media pages to mourn with the bereaved.

Eddie Nartey’s fans have also resorted to their timelines to share their messages of condolences with the new widower and the family of the deceased.

Before the shocking demise of late Vida Ohenewaa Nartey’s demise, the two love birds had exclusively granted an interview with Nkonkonsa media.

During the interview, She recalled how they first began their relationship as friends.

She further disclosed how she later flew outside the country after getting to know themselves for some months. And whiles overseas she would always spend tons of hours chatting with her husband via WhatsApp calls and messages.

Below are her exact words curled from the interview;

When we started talking, most of the time, anything he says, I don’t take it personally. You know these industry people, we have a whole lot of perceptions about them from afar.


He started saying things I can relate to. I saw him as the male version of me. Everything he’s been through, everything he was telling me, it felt like ‘I know, feel what you’re going through’. When we started talking, I decided to give it a try. I didn’t put my heart in it at all because I didn’t want to be hurt; besides I’m not even staying in Ghana, and I don’t know what he is doing there.

One time, he got me angry and I decided not to pick his call anymore. Regardless, I picked up the call and he said ‘you, I will marry you and I will shame you. An elated Vida recalled, noting that this was in 2017.

He is amazing. He doesn’t have to try so hard to please me. Even when I’m angry, the little things that he will say, I’ll laugh like I’m not the one who is angry. He is super amazing. He sees the good in the bad.

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