Rose Mensah Kyeiwaa wedding story (with pictures)

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Weddings are always joyous occasions where we celebrate love and get to see a lucky couple tie the knot. This was the case on Sunday, 30th August 2015, when Rose Mensah, a famous 55-year-old Ghanaian actress, also known as Akua Ataa Kyeiwaa married Daniel Osei who is a Spare Parts dealer in Kumasi. Daniel is popularly known as American man. Kyeiwaa has acted in numerous movies and she is well known for her witty acting.

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Rose Mensah got her the name Kyeiwaa by acting as a witch in a movie that went by the same name. Rose is a single mother of two adult girls and she did her wedding when she was 52 years old. Although Kyeiwaa wedding ceremony ended well without a glitch, the marriage was short lived as it only listed four days. We will explain later on in this article why the marriage lasted for such a short time. But, here are the details of the much-publicized but small and intimate traditional wedding.

Where did Kyeiwaa and Daniel meet?

Kyeiwaa and her now divorced husband Daniel Osei had dated for a year before choosing to get married in a traditional Ghanaian wedding ceremony.

Kyeiwaa’s wedding location

The two wedded on a Sunday in a beautiful ceremony that took place at Brofoyeduru in the Ashanti region of Kumasi. This was a small ceremony which was attended by close family members and friends as the well-known actress wanted a small and intimate wedding. It is understandable as she is quite famous due to her acting and if she left the invite open to anyone, most of her fans would have attended the ceremony. Some of her close pals from the acting industry also attended the ceremony.


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Among the famous stars that graced her wedding were; Vivian Jill, Mercy Asiedu, Wayosi, Papa Kumasi, Big Akwes, Matilda Asare among other celebrities. These are mostly her fellow actors and actresses in the Ghanaian movie industry. The MCs for the wedding were actress Mercy Asiedu and comedian Abenkwan. Their plan was to hold a church wedding later on but four days later, Kyeiwaa found out that Osei was a married man and that he had children.

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If the photos did not satisfy your curiosity, below is a Kyeiwaa wedding video where you will get a slideshow of some of the photos of what went down during this ceremony.

There was no real footage of the actual Kyeiwaa wedding video. Most of the videos available have the audio of the scandal that broke out after the wedding which is discussed below.

From the Rose Mensah Kyeiwaa wedding pictures above, we see that the bride chose to wear two dresses. One for the morning event and the other one for the reception. The one she wore for the morning occasion matched the outfit that her groom wore. For the reception, she wore a lovely one strap-multi-colored dress. The groom did not change his outfit. From the pictures shared, there seems to have been no groomsmen or bridesmaids as with other weddings. The theme colors for the wedding were blue, white and green as seen from the wedding outfits and the decorations used.

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Kyeiwaa wedding scandal

Rose Mensah Kyeiwaa wedding story (with pictures)Source: www.ghanacelebrities.com

Just a few hours after the wedding, a woman known as Florence Kyei made headlines. She called one of the radio stations in Ghana and claimed that she had been married to Daniel, the groom for about twenty years. And from the time Florence made these claims, there were more twists and turns that followed. Below are some of the facts you should know about the Ghanaian actress Kyeiwaa wedding scandal.

  1. The Ghanaian actress was legally married to Daniel Akwasi. There are even Kyeiwaa wedding pictures available online to prove that the wedding actually took place. We have shared the photos above.
  2. According the woman who claimed to be married to Daniel, already had two children with him, a girl and a boy. The son was 17 years at the time when the scandal broke and he was in senior high school at a school in Ghana. The girl was in Junior High School. Florence reported that when her children heard about the incident, the younger one went on a hunger strike.
  3. Florence claimed that Kyeiwaa set her eyes on her man when she visited Florence’s house after the death of her mother. She claimed that Rose Mensah had come to their home to request for some help and thus knew that her husband was married. Florence claimed that she had warned her husband many times about the actress’ attitude. She claimed all this in an interview with Shaft FM. Florence also claimed that her husband apologized to her after finding out about the incident and confronting him when he returned home. She claimed that she did not accept the apology and that Daniel had to call her father to speak to her to take him back and that they were not considering divorce since they loved one another and the incident that happened would not change anything between them. She did not rule out that the famous Ghanaian actress might have lured her husband with some charms so as to get married to him.
  4. The comical part about the Kyeiwaa wedding is that Daniel Akwasi, made his wife believe that the wedding was part of a movie. When the wedding made headlines, Daniel went home and apologized to his wife. He told her that he was shooting a movie and that he did not expect such attention from the media. Florence believed him since on the night he got married, Daniel did not spend time with Kyeiwaa. He went home to his wife, told her this story and then they slept together till the next morning.
  5. Kyeiwaa’s father, Nana Appiah Kubi, confirmed his daughter’s wedding to Daniel as reported by Neat FM. He further added that Daniel made a fool of himself with the fake stories he gave that the Kyeiwaa wedding was a movie.
  6. But, Akwasi claimed that Kyeiwaa is his only wife and denied that Florence is his wife. As reported by Kasapa FM, Daniel told them that he had married a lady in Italy sometime back but to come back to Ghana because his wife could not conceive. He said that while in Ghana, he had a relationship with a lady who bore him a child. When he went back to Italy after some time, he discovered that the wife he had left there had also conceived. He claimed that the relationship with the two women ended in 2012. However, this station reported that Florence said that Akwasi was a snake under grass.
  7. In traditional Ghanaian customs, a man has to pay dowry before being allowed to marry his bride. This was not any different in the case of Kyeiwaa. Akwasi had paid dowry but after the whole saga, Kyeiwaa and her father returned her dowry on Thursday, the 10th of September, 2015.
  8. Kyeiwaa decided to leave the marriage and said she does not date married men. She said that Daniel was not truthful and that when she realized that he had a wife, she decided to divorce him.
  9. Kyeiwaa said that she had heard rumors that Daniel was married but she ignored them. She still gave him the benefit of doubt. She did not want to think that he had a life. She thought she would gain more attention and fame with the negative PR but some few days after the wedding, she realized that people were saying the truth. Daniel did not give any hints that he had a wife. Although they had dated for a year, he was quite cunning and did not give much away about his marriage. He chose to deceive her. Kyeiwaa said that Daniel is quite the smooth talker and any lady would fall for him quite easily. Kyeiwaa said that they had met in the streets of Kumasi. Daniel had informed her that he had a child but assured her that he was not engaged to the mother of the child. It thus came as a surprise for her when she discovered that Daniel was in fact married and that he had not one but two children.
  10. A colleague of Kyeiwaa, the actress Vivian Jill, who attended the wedding, said that David hired some people who came to the wedding as his family relations. They were thus able to deceive all who attended the wedding ceremony that he had relatives and thus the wedding progressed on well without any suspicions.

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Nana Appiah Kubi, Kyeiwaa’s father said that Kyeiwaa introduced Daniel to the family and the two families met to discuss the details of Kyeiwaa’s wedding. Her father stated that on August 31st 2015, him, his brothers, nephews, sisters and the whole family attended Kyeiwaa’s wedding as is expected in a traditional Ghanaian wedding ceremony. She had introduced Daniel as the man who had asked for her hand in marriage and the family had welcomed the decision. Nana insisted that the marriage was real and that it was not a movie. However, Kyeiwaa’s father did not agree with the reports that circulated in the media which said that the whole affair was a disgrace to their family. He insisted that there is no way that his daughter would have known that her husband to be was a married man. He claimed that the disgrace was on the part of Daniel since he was the one who had lied to his daughter and also to his family.

As tradition demands, Kyeiwaa had introduced her fiancée to her family one month before the traditional wedding ceremony. Nana said that Daniel came with a pregnant woman and another man but he did not disclose whether they were family members or not. Nana was asked by the media if he took time to talk to his future son-in-law or if he did a background check on him before the day of the wedding. Nana replied that he had not spoken to him about anything. Nana said that he had tried to contact both Kyeiwaa and Daniel after the news broke out that Daniel is married but both of them were not responding to his calls. Nana also denied reports circulating in the media that there was a crisis family meeting held after the occurrence of this incident.

As stated above, the family had to return the dowry and this was a sad end to the beautiful Kyeiwaa wedding. Rose Mensah had to go on with her life but she did not go back to her estranged husband since she sought divorce from him. she is still single and here is not much information available about her ex-husband, whether he is still married to his wife or his whereabouts now.

As of a year ago, it was reported that Kyeiwaa had taken a break from acting to rest but she had stated that she would be back. She was living in the United States at the time and the main talk then was not about her wedding or marriage. It seemed to be all forgotten and what dominated the headlines was concerns that she was bleaching her skin. There is no talk about future wedding or marriage plans so we will just have to wait and see what the future holds for her.


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