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Renowned Italian High Priest Predicts the Winner of 2020 General Elections

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Ghana’s 2020 December general elections is underway, with just about 90 days to go, many are those vouching for their respective parties to secure a win.

The ruling NPP party are doing all what it takes to retain the seat of presidency. With few days to go, they have even implemented and cut sods for many projects some people claim is unusual. From the implementation of free hot meals to JHS students, payment of water and light bills to all Ghanaians et al, many Ghanaians are applauding the Nana Addo government for a good work done.

The NDC on the otherhand have also voiced out some juicy manifesto promises to Ghanaians. According to them, they are going to see to proper implementation of Nana Addo’s free SHS, even if it requires them scrapping the double track system.

They have again introduced their major manifesto promises like the Big Push agenda, legalization of the Okada business et al. With the inclusion of a female vice running mate, it seems they have added more on the table. As such, they believe come 2020 is a sure win.

However, an Italian Priest opines otherwise. According to His Emminence Van Al de Kour, he reveals that 2020 elections is going in for someone the Lord has appointed. He says the voice of the people is the voice of the Lord, and hence upon vigorous confrontations with the Most High, he kept hearing the name Akuffo- Akuffo, which indicates a win for the incumbent Nana Addo Danquah led administration.




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