Prez Donald Trump Oders 1k Kantanka SUV’s For USA Military

In an exciting brochure, Kantanka Automobile with its headquarters in Ghana detailed the company’s new SUVs—with special details and capabilities of functioning extremely well under the roughness of weather conditions.

A copy of this brochure was made available to all the Embassies in Ghana, including the American Embassy.

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The American Embassy which sends out a weekly report to President Trump in the White House added a copy of the brochure—telling Trump about Ghana’s new homemade SUVs by the country’s Michael Jackson, Apostle Safo Kantanka.

In support of Africa and to indicate to the world that Africa, in this case Ghana is rising—President Trump requested that instead of ordering their end of year SUVs from North Korea as they also do for the military, they should rather order thousand of Kantanka SUVs.

The US ambassador to Ghana informed Apostle Safo Kantanka, founder of Kantanka Automobile which just went commercial about America’s order and the country’s readiness to build a long term relationship with his company.

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What seems like great news and a real business opportunity for Kantanka Automobile to make huge profits from United State’s government has been turned down—the company says there is no way they can meet the deadline the US has set because of Ghana’s unending power crisis, affectionately called “Dumsor”.

Speaking to, Apostle Safo Kantanka said; “it is exciting that President Trump asked the US military to order 1000 SUVs from us but it is sad we cannot take up this enviable contract because we won’t have enough electricity in this country to make the cars that fast.”

He added, “we were ready to employ about 500 Ghanaians to work on this order but where are we going to get electricity from?”

Ghana for many years has had power problems but in the last few years, it has become worse—several small and large scale companies have closed down and others have laid off their workers.

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Kantanka Automobile should have been cashing in hugely on this but because of Dumsor, it has refused President Trump’s order—which in itself was just to help the company grow.

For us at, we are even worried as to how Kantanka Automobile can keep up with whatever small of production it sets for itself considering the daily worsening power crisis in Ghana…..

Well We Be Believe In Kantanka. Kantanka Is Here

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