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Pregnant Woman Turns into A Dog With A Baby in its Mouth At Gospel International Prayer Camp in Lagos-Nigeria

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Members of the popular Lagos prayer camp-Gospel International Prayer Camp in Nigeria were on Thursday shocked, somewhat worried—when a pregnant woman reportedly turned into a dog during a prayer session.

The resident camp pastor; Bishop-Dr. Prophet Ade Agboola during his opening sermon is reported to have said: “God will do wonders here today—and any devil in our midst will be exposed.”

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According to a woman who claims her brother was at the church when the incident happened; after the daily sermon, the prophet asked all of them to go on their knees—and he started praying strongly, shouting on top of his voice in tongues.

With everyone’s eyes closed and praying, they heard the pastor shouting; leave, you spirit of a dog, spirit of prostitution that is in our midst—and then, suddenly a dog was heard barking.

Apparently, all the praying congregants opened their eyes to see a brown big dog with a baby in its mouth, barking at the prophet—with the pregnant woman who was in their midst no more. is told the prayers continued and the pastor shouted; blood of Jesus—stamping his right foot heavily on the ground. The dog then ran out of the doorless room, where the prayer session was taking place—still with the baby in its mouth.

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The congregants who were shocked were calmed down by the holy prophet, saying, God is in charge—adding that, “Satan can never win over the children of God.”

Prophet Ade Agboola is considered by many Nigerians as a powerful man of God—he is said to have once prayed for a woman with HIV/AIDS to be cured.

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