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Pregnant Erica Allegedly Leaked ZionFelix’s Traditional Knocking Ceremony Video For Delaying Promised Marriage

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More gifts surrounding ZionFelix’s traditional knocking ceremony video continues to pop up.

Highly rated gossip blogger Cutie_Julls seems to have dropped gifts about the genesis of ZionFelix’s relationship with Erica and how the video leaked.

This is how Cutie_Julls scripted the gist

ZionFelix And Erica, A Ghanaian Based In Italy.

Long and short, Erica travelled to Ghana to promote some Gospel music she said she’s done. She contracted Zion as a blogger to help her promote her music and gospel musician brand.

In the course of working, they got knacking and Erica got pregnant. Before then, Zion had always maintained he already has a fiancée Minalyn whom Erica knows very well.

So fast forward, when the pregnancy came in, Erica’s family asked that Zion’s family come and traditionally accepts the pregnancy [learnt is a Ghanaian thing]. Upon getting there, Erica’s mom insisted that Zion should at least do something called knocking [introduction]. cuz Erica is one of the leaders in the church choir and it will be a disgrace that she is pregnant without been married etc. Erica’s mom was able to convince Zion’s parents with Obodoyinbo involved ?. This was in February. We contacted Zion then. Zion maintained his stand that he is getting married to Minalyn and gave us all proofs [we are not posting for now cuz we agreed with Zion & Mina].

Now the Erica has heard about Zion & Mina’s intent marriage and has seen Zion’s seriousness as Zion refused her from travelling down to come and see him. Erica now decided to leak these videos to so that Mina will back off. But unknown to her, Zion has already told and apologised to the fiancée Minalyn about all these.

Speaking to Zion this morning, and said; “Cutie, my only focus in life now is Mina. I love her and I’m getting married to her. All I pray is for her to be safe and healthy for me”

Source: Cutie Julls (Instagram)

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