Photos of white ‘albino’ snail seen for the first time ever pops up

Garden snails usually have a grey colored body and a light brown shell with dark brown markings. The shell has a white lip at the entrance.

However, a Facebook user has shared photos of a white snail and a lot of people confessed that, that’s the very first time their seeing such breed of snail.

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A small research by shows that just as we have albino human beings, we also have albino snails.

They’re called White Jade Land Snail.

White Jade Land Snail are albino morphs of the normal Giant African Land Snail They differ from the more common Giant African Land Snail by having a paler shell and a white body, making them an attractive addition to any ones collection.

Their shell can reach up to 7 inches in length and can make great pets for children, as they are easy to care for and have no risk of biting or scratching.

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Below are photos:

white snail white snail white snail

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