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Photos: Nigerian Cultist Who Was Shot Dead Few Days To His Graduation, Buried Dressed In Cultist Regalia

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An alleged cultist, Osaji Charles who was shot dead few days to his graduation from Nwafor Orizu College of Education has been buried. His corpse was dressed up in a cultist regalia See the graphic photos after the cut…

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See some reactions;

-hmmm. I wonder if heaven’s gate Keepers Allow this uniform. You show up @ the gates of life and the other world dressed in regalia that the gate keepers recognize because of atrocities associated with it. worse still you show up with your black body claiming to be a norseman and the real norsemen are looking @ you feeling that they’ve been insulted because you are what they’d have considered a slave paddling their boats. Parents go through HELL . Were they forced to clothe him in this? People wanting to get preggy should start praying that their Kids never sail off into a deeply dark future of eternal condemnation. Pray peeps. Pray like never before

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-I no just understand ur name,I 4 start the insult from your ancestors that brought you into this world Ojay because animals like you no suppose dey this life,you see able young man when suppose dey useful to his family that has suffered to see him through to d Uni,and d young man come mis waka join cult go waste his life,instead of people like you to put your head in shame u still dey identify for social media make the dead (Sail Norseman Bagga)u are just a fool don’t worry very soon till will be ur turn to die so that people make some other foolish people like you to you (Sail Norseman Bagga) when ur family dey mourn idiot…I just dey vex for this goat

-So his parents allowed them to bury him in their useless cultist regalia? Well, maybe his parents dont know God.

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