Patapaa is good in bed – Queen Peezy reveals why she loves him

Patapaa’s girlfriend, Queen Peezy, has opened up on her relationship with the ‘One Corner’ hitmaker revealing why she has fallen in love with him.

According to her, Patapaa is very good in bed and takes very good care of her so she does not care what anybody has to say about him. “He is also very good in bed and makes me very happy,” Queen Peezy stated in a video sighted.

Patapaa has often been described as not handsome since he burst onto the scene in 2017 and many have deemed Queen Peezy as above Patapaa’s standard since the singer introduced her as his sweetheart.

Some social media users have even suggested that Queen Peezy did not love Patapaa and was only using him to get money and fame.

But opening up on her first public interview, Queen Peezy disagreed with those who think Patapaa is not handsome. Queen Peezy made it clear that she loves Patapaa to death and even if the singer was not rich, she would still have loved him.

“People say Pataapa is not handsome but I disagree with them. Even if he was not rich, I would have accepted to be in a relationship with him,” she disclosed.

Meanwhile, Queen Peezy also revealed in the same interview that she and Patapaa will be getting married soon.

According to her, Patapaa had suggested that they should get married as soon as possible but she is thinking of next year for the wedding.

Born Gabriella Kotei, Queen Peezy had been an actress and video vixen for sometime but was only made popular after Patapaa shared a photo of her as his queen.