PANTIES: Why Are Women Not Wearing Panties Anymore?

Panties are woman’s or child’s undergarments covering the lower trunk and made with a closed crotch —usually used in the plural.

The number of women who don’t wear panties, or sometimes even pants, has been steadily increasing in recent years and the fashion trend shows no signs of slowing down.

The reasons why these fashionable women choose to go commando vary from person to person but most agree that it’s both liberating and more comfortable than wearing underwear. But just because these women are comfortable and confident enough to go panty-less, does this mean that everyone should follow their lead?


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No one can answer that question. Some people say it’s due to a rise in feminism and the pursuit of equality between men and women. Others argue that it’s just an excuse for sluts to show off their vaginas without getting made fun of.

If you ask me, it’s probably just a lack of self-respect. As society becomes increasingly casual, more women are not wearing panties on an everyday basis. While I do think there are several advantages to not wearing panties, it has become something that isn’t always socially acceptable or hygienic to do so.

There are many reasons why women should start wearing panties again, including health reasons and preventing indecent exposure charges if they go out in public with no underwear on.


Panties may seem like a small thing, but an uncomfortable pair can lead to pretty big problems. From itching and rashes to UTIs and yeast infections, there are plenty of health problems associated with not wearing panties.

As gynecologist Dr. Jen Gunter explained in a post on The Conversation, there’s even a scientific term for what happens when your vagina gets irritated: vaginosis venereum. This is characterized by dysuria (pain or burning with urination), vaginal discharge that is often foul-smelling, vulvar pruritus (itching) or irritation…and sometimes back pain with defecation (or straining during bowel movements). So how does it happen? Dr.


Panties, Health, Women

For many women, especially those who are active or wear tight-fitting clothing, underwear can be uncomfortable and restrictive. Although there is little medical evidence to support not wearing panties as a health benefit, some women feel more comfortable when they go commando. And if you’re enjoying exercise and free-flowing clothing, it might make sense to remove your undergarments entirely.

Some cultures believe that not wearing underwear has hygienic benefits because it allows air to flow freely around the skin and removes body odors better than a pair of shorts can. Going without panties can also provide more freedom for a woman who suffers from yeast infections or other problems associated with excessive moisture against delicate skin – such as women who have just given birth.

Less Chafing

For one, a lack of panties creates less skin-on-skin friction, meaning you’re less likely to get red and irritated areas in your underwear. If you have sensitive skin or are prone to rashes, it’s possible to reduce them by not wearing any underpants at all. Additionally, you can improve circulation throughout your body and avoid getting sweaty in certain areas by going pantyless.

Going commando will keep you cool on hot days and prevent sweat stains on light clothing! Finally, nobody wants to deal with panty lines, so if you like formfitting clothes (and who doesn’t?), then ditching panties can allow for a sleeker silhouette. Now that’s an advantage you can flaunt without hesitation!

More Confidence

The simple act of going panty-less gives many women a boost in confidence. For example, going panty-less to a yoga class is common—and not just because there are no men around! Since you’re not wearing anything, you feel freer in your movements and uninhibited.

And isn’t that what yoga is all about anyway? So if you want to look at it that way, going panty-less might help make you a better yogi!

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