Panties: 8 Great Reasons To Wear Panties

Panties may not seem like the most important thing to focus on when you’re getting dressed in the morning, but there are many great reasons to wear this undergarment every day. Here are eight great reasons to wear panties.

1) Protect Yourself

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Every woman should wear panties to protect her private parts from yeast infections, irritation, and chafing. Sure, you could get away without wearing them on a short trip to grandma’s house—but if you live in panties (and most women do), it’s important to make sure that you’re taking steps to keep your sensitive skin clean and protected.

The easiest way? Make sure that you are always wearing cotton panties instead of synthetic blends or lacy thongs; these styles don’t breathe as well and cairritatein many women. If your skin is itchy after wearing synthetics, consider switching over!

2) Prevent Slips

Panties, Women, Love

Aside from preventing embarrassing accidents, wearing panties also helps prevent you from experiencing certain medical conditions. Women who wear panties are less likely to develop bladder infections due to bacteria sticking to their underwear.

Not only that, but women who wear panties tend to have fewer urinary tract infections (UTIs) than those who don’t. Who knew your vagina had so much power over your whole body?

3) Prevent Fashion Faux Pas

While there is a variety of fashion faux pas that can leave you looking silly, there is one in particular that every woman should be aware of when getting dressed. Don’t believe us? Read on to find out what it is and how you can avoid it! If you don’t wear panties, but like to keep your jeans or pants at knee-length, be aware that some types of pantyhose will make your legs look shorter than they are if they’re visible through your clothes.

This happens because opaque pantyhose create an optical illusion (thanks to shadows). If you’re worried about revealing any skin under your outfit—especially if it’s something short—it’s always a good idea to layer transparent hose over them instead.

4) The Lift Effect

Panties, Women, Love

Did you know that when your body temperature drops, so does your metabolism? Wearing panties will help keep you warm and maintain a higher body temperature throughout the day. Increasing your body temperature leads to an increase in metabolism and helps burn calories more efficiently. It may not sound like much, but if you wear panties every day it can lead to noticeable weight loss over time.

If wearing panties causes you to burn just 20 extra calories per day (and a simple pair of cotton briefs only has 3.5 calories per pound) that could mean 4 pounds less on your waistline by year’s end! It also means if you’re trying to lose one pound per week, that would be 52 pounds lost in one year! Pretty impressive, right?

5) Colors

The color of your panties also plays a role in how they’re perceived. White panties are more formal and conservative, which is why you probably wear them to weddings and important meetings. On the other hand, women who sport black underwear tend to be edgier or sexier than those in white—and yes, that perception is affected by race too.

Studies show that we often make judgments about people based on how they look from head to toe, including their choice of lingerie or swimwear. If you want to use color psychology to your advantage, consider donning a bright red pair when you need an extra boost of confidence—it’s considered a power color for good reason!

6) Materials and Fabrics

The materials used to make panties vary greatly. Many women favor cotton because it’s comfortable and breathable, but some find it to be too hot and less elastic than synthetic blends or other options like modal. Pima cotton, which has a tighter weave, is highly recommended for its strength, silky texture, and luxurious feel.

Modal is another popular choice due to its high absorbency, softness, and inherent moisture-wicking properties. CoolMax fabric wicks moisture away from your body effectively to prevent rashes caused by chafing, plus it dries quickly for year-round comfort. This blend offers a lasting shape without losing elasticity over time.

7) Comfort

The first reason for wearing panties is comfort. Wearing cotton underwear can be very comfortable, especially in hot weather when you don’t want to wear anything too tight. Cotton underwear feels cool and smooth on your skin, which can be a big relief if you live in an area that experiences hot temperatures all year round.

You might feel like going commando – going without any underwear at all – but once you start experiencing discomfort, it might be hard to go back to not wearing any panties at all. Plus cotton panties are more breathable than their synthetic counterparts, so they won’t make your bottom feel sweaty or damp.

8) Feel Sexy

Most women feel sexier when they’re wearing a pair of panties. Whether it be due to our upbringing, or just because we associate undies with girly things, wearing panties makes us feel softer and more feminine.

And that’s no bad thing! When you’re in your head, it can be easy to slip into self-criticism mode or start doing a list of everything you could be doing better – donning your undies is a great way to break out of that cycle! It reminds you that you’re beautiful and puts your mind back on track.

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