Pant-less Moesha with no-bra shakes her backside In A Video

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Moesha Boduong is up to something to attract new customers as the Christmas is fast approaching .

The Ghanaian actress and photo model has make it clear to American top television station CNN With Christian Amampour that, she does sleeps with marriage men to make a living. Of course she was blasted for saying Ghanaian women but not her alone.

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I recall one South African king has asked for her hand in marriage but she has since rejected the proposals according to reports.

Well, Christmas is fast approaching and Moesha has already started one of her strategies to market herself online to attractive new customers… married and Single rich men.

She is in the some business with Princess Shyngle who rejected this amount for a one night stand and Moesha was also on set for this movie.




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