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Obinim resurrects a dead church member

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Famed Ghanaian cleric, Bishop Daniel Obinim has turned himself into Junior Jesus after supposedly resurrecting a dead church member on live TV.

A video from the resurrection session that has surfaced online and sparked outrage in the process captures Obinim in his church during a service with a platform set up in the middle of the stage.

The lifeless body of the woman who was allegedly dead until the spiritual intervention of Obinim can also be seen dressed like a corpse.

Bishop Obinim can be heard and seen praying earnestly to God to bring the dead woman back to life and after some time, the lady whose name he mentioned as Beatrice regained consciousness.

The Church’s auditorium was filled with immense joy and striking applause after Bishop Obinim resurrected dead Beatrice.

Just like Jesus resurrected Lazarus from death, Bishop Obinim has also resurrected Beatrice from death.

Watch the video below to know more…

Meanwhile, a lot of social media users have suggested that the whole scenario was scripted therefore Beatrice wasn’t dead.

They have strongly opined that this is just one of the stunts employed by Obinim just for trends and to redeem his dying fame.


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