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Nobody Owes You Driver TT, You’re Talking Too Much.

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If you have studied Ghana’s entertainment industry carefully, you will realize that Psalm Adjeteyfio, best known as TT has been trending. He granted an interview and solicited funds. Since then, he got help from the Vice President of Ghana, the Greater Accra Regional Minister and many others. One can tell that indeed, life is good for TT now. For those born before the 2000s, the “Taxi Driver” series was one of the best entertainment television shows we used to watch. Psalm Adjeteyfio played the taxi driver role and together with his car owner, Masa Richard, they thrilled Ghanaians. That is why many people showed helped him.

But after those nice gestures, he has taken on the pleasure of granting many interviews and talking too much. Just recently, he granted an interview to Mona Gucci and he told her that Delay promised to build him a house on his plot of land- she hasn’t. Again, Delay didn’t make Vodafone pay him the money they promised him some time ago. Delay told me never to grant any interview whatsoever– driver TT.

This act of disgrace and ungratefulness erupted the anger of many Ghanaians. I mean, you had your moment in life- fame, money and opportunities. If for one reason or the other you couldn’t make good use of it, you don’t force someone who promised you something. Delay is still alive and she could build the house for you, so why do you go about disgracing him like that?

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Again, there is no need to be granting interviews and broadcasting your problems to the world. It is unhealthy. Delay advised driver TT to stay away from replying to people on social media and granting a plethora of interviews. She did that out of wisdom- because this generation will drag you on for years and for how long will you justify yourself? So, like Nana Ampadu advised Sarkodie, stay away from social media “pigs,” you will dirty yourself for nothing.


But driver TT has taken the whole matter in a different way and making Delay appear like a bad person who doesn’t care for him or who sought his downfall. That’s is preposterous. He is being ungrateful and acting in a manner not deserving of her age. Driver TT should understand that this generation is unlike his days, therefore, matters have to be dealt with in a much more circumspect manner- not haphazardly. This act of annoying posture will scare off people from further helping him if he goes about disgracing people who promised him goodies.

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