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Nigerian P@rnstar discloses how rich he has become in the industry, entreats men to be a part of the booming industry

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The pornographic industry is a multi-million dollar company that employs thousands of people worldwide. The funny aspect is that pornography consumers never come out to confess to watching porn but the company keeps on bagging in huge loads of cash every year.

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The latest development in this story is that a well recognized Nigerian p@rnstar known as Krissyjoh has openly disclosed how rich he has become since joining the industry.

From what he posted on social media, he whips at least $6000,000 every year from acting p@rn, such an amount when converted into Ghanaian currency equals Ghc3,503,754.

As a proud worker of the p@rn industry, Krissyjoh showed gratitude to his hardcore fans for being loyal patronizers of his videos on the internet. He also talked about how his fans are the reason why he continues to produce erotic sex scenes.

As a reminder, Krissyjoh urged people who are unemployed to join the industry and enjoy the fruit of their labors. He also told his followers that they do not need to steal money but can use what they have to become rich.

This might sound a bit unprecedented but the reality is that actors and actresses in the P@rn industry are living classic lives due to the high demand for their videos worldwide

See screenshot below;

KRISSYJOH: Nigerian Porn Star Reveals He Has Made N240 Million From Porn




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