Nigeria military men threaten to beat anyone who will come near to women

The Nigerian military men have threatened to beat mercilessly anyone, be it a civilian who come close to the female counterparts.

Their threats have come days after reported that, the female military are in need of love and relationship because most men are scared to propose to them.

Nigerian female military personnel have complained bitterly about how Nigerian men have neglected them and left them all alone.

The female soldiers have also said scared, the men are not bold enough to propose love to them for whatsoever reasons.

Responding to these media reportages, the male military men have said, they will not allow any civilian Nigerian men to come for their female colleagues with threats to beat them.

“We will beat and deal with anyone who comes close to our women. Most Nigerian men are not disciplined and we don’t  want them to abuse our ladies”

NB: Please you must to be 18years and above thank you

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