The Junka Town music frontier and the award winning super star TOO MUCH set to make the music industry warm again on tuesday 9th April 2019 by dropping a banger title ANSABA featuring Papa Kumasi and Oleur

With no doubt the over 1000 fans who are the fan base of TOO MUCH are already in their dancing boots waiting for the banger to be dropped on Friday as directed by TOO MUCH and they are also busy sharing and hash tagging TOO MUCH name in any social media domain they get in order to make him lead international awards

His previous track Junka town ,has gained massive airplay around the world and has also been dubbed, as one of the finest songs by many entertainment pundits

With the release of ANSABA ,its sad to say that TOO MUCH’s year of making hits and taking names isn’t showing down anytime soon.

TOO MUCH has made a name for himself beyond the electronic music scene in the last few years . The Junga town based artist has made hits after hits through his film making with Alaska ,Yoghurt and Atemuda, the bass brothers have also annihilated dance floors all over the country

We highly recommend you to save the first listen for a pair of good over ear earphones “Apocalypse” is minimalistic yet sophisticated– the underlying composition is straightforward, but the richness of details and heavy sensibilities radiate through their unparalleled production skills throughout the track

Medikal is the best Rapper in Ghana at the moment – Sister Derby

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Pampii camp..