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Netizen questions married woman TikTok Asantewaa for taking sensual photos with her manager

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A Netizen has questioned how TikTok star Asantewaa vibes with her family despite being lawfully wedded wife of another man.

The TikTok star relates with her many so well to the extent that they sometimes get cozy in some of the footages she shares on social media.

One of the footages shows Asantewaa in the swimming pool with her Manu getting cozy like lovers.

This photo has triggered a concerned Netizen to ask her why she takes such photos with her manager and not her husband.

The Netizen, DJ Manni posted the said photo with the following words;

Funny enough, this is not even her husband. This is her manager.

But why doesn’t she take such pix with her husband but always this guy. Ah well, which one concern me. Me paa de3, I won’t allow my wife this close to another guy. Not even her brother 😂😂😂😂

But this is ghana and anything is possible and accepted”



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