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Names of Ghanaian Celebrities Whose Children Are Not Ghanaians—And The Nationalities They Hold

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Apart from the socio-economic benefits of holding powerful citizenship like that of America, Canada, UK, Germany and the others, holders of passports of these 1st world countries are able to travel and live in different parts of the world freely.

Currently, the most powerful passport in the world per the global passport index, is that of Japan which allows you to travel to about 191 countries without a prior visa, then Singapore which allows you to travel to 190 countries, followed by  South Korea and Germany which allow you to travel to 189 countries without a prior visa.

Italy, Finland, Luxembourg and Spain have the 4th most powerful passports as you can travel to 188 countries freely with them, followed by Denmark and Austria being the 5th, and then Sweden, France, Portugal, France, Netherlands and Ireland are the 6th most powerful.

Switzerland, United States, United Kingdom, Norway and Belgium sit at the number 7.

Considering the above, it makes both economic and social sense if you are able to obtain a powerful passport for your child or yourself—and this has given rise to the phenomenon of Anchor babies.

“Anchor baby” is a pejorative term for a child born in the United States or Canada to non-citizen parents—such a child automatically become an American or Canadian citizen by jus soli (right of soil/born in the territory).

The above is one of the main reasons why a lot of Ghanaian and other African Celebrities, and the rich travel abroad to give birth there—so that their children can become citizens of “better” nations.

Below is a list of Ghanaian Celebrities whose children hold foreign nationalities.

Name of Celebrity
Country Child Was Born (Nationality)

Nadia Buariborn in the United States

Nana Ama McBrownborn in Canada (Canadian)

Beccaborn in the United States (American)

Kafui Dankuborn in Canada
(Canadian)–and by virtue of the father being Canadian

Jackie Appiahborn in Canad- and by virtue of Jackie being a Canadian

Yvonne NelsonBritish Citizen child–By virtue of father being British

Vivian Jillborn in the United States (American)

Sarkodieborn United States (American)

Ama K. Abebreseborn in the United Kingdom (British)–By virtue of the mother being British

John Dumeloborn in the United States (American)



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