My Noble Husband Has Been Sleeping With My 6Yrs Daughter – Ghanaian Woman

Tell It Moms, the biggest all-female group on social media in Ghana records some of the weird news you could ever hear from a group of women but an anonymous post shared yesterday is one of the shocking news the platform has ever witnessed.

According to a woman who shared a post through the Admin, Barbie Nubi, her husband is sleeping with her 6 years old daughter!

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According to the worried woman who is seeking advice from her colleague women, her daughter sometimes takes her bath with her daddy. It turned out that the man was sleeping with the little girl whenever they were in the bathroom alone.

Fortunately for the little girl and her mother and unfortunate for the beast sleeping with his 6-year-old daughter, the daughter run to the mother with pains, bleeding and crying that “Daddy did it hard”.

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What infuriated the other women in the group was when the mother of this innocent girl added that she has never had an issue with her husband so she is confused on what to do. Instead of running to the police to get this beast locked up, she says is confuse giving the clear indication that she herself is not fit to be a mother.

Read the entire post as shared into Tell It Moms below

Anonymous Post

Greetings Yummy Barbie, I salute you and your team for an excellent job. Yummy Barbie please hide my identity. My daughter six sometimes takes her bath with her dad. It was fun until one morning when she came crying that daddy did it hard and she was bleeding. Yummies, I ‘ve never had an issue with my husband before but this eating me up. I honestly don’t know if I should report or confront him. Please advise me Yummies. will be reading comments.

Tell It Moms
Tell It Moms

As expected, not only the man was attacked for this madness, the woman equally got her fair share of insults and abuse for saying she doesn’t know what to do.

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Some of the comments read:

“I said we won’t be giving senseless advice in 2019. This madam should just go hang herself. Are you sure you are the mother? Lord not my child, not my child. This woman and man ain’t worthy of that girl. Am just here imagining. I need to share this and see”

“Just want to be cool-headed and rational and not give in to my emotions. Anybody that knows the lady or the situation should inform the authorities and get that kid, AWAY AS FAST AS POSSIBLE from BOTH PARENTS, they are both poison to her”

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“And now the question, why will a woman stay a MINUTE in the same space with a man that abuses a 6-year-old?? These all boils down to financial dependence or rather a slavery. Every woman should be financially INDEPENDENT, you need not DEPEND ON A MAN, is the dependency that encourages such acts. That’s why they still stay and tolerates such acts Cox she simply can’t feed her self. She can’t do away with the cars, clothes, and things that the man provides. Women, pls, DON’T depend on any man, empower your selves, with that no man will demean or disrespect you.”

“She doesn’t want to take any action just because of staying Married aah my heart bleeds for this child..what some women can do for marriage smh”

Well, if you have any advice for her, share it in the comment section and trust me she will see it.

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