My Critics Are Living Same Lifestyle Behind The Scenes –Moehsa

Making the list of realest socialites in Ghana can’t be left out Meosha Budoung for she doesn’t fake. She’s so real unlike ‘yaanom’ who preach virtue but practice vice behind closed doors.

Yes!, Moesha who recently disclosed to the world (CNN) that most young Ghanaian ladies date married men for a living has emphatically stated that her critics live her ‘weird’ lifestyle behind the scenes.

The voluptuous photo model made this statement on her verified Instagram page while posting a nice photo as usual. She wrote to emphasize that it is very interesting how some people criticize others on the very things they themselves do in secret.

“It’s Funny How Pple Will Judge /Criticize You For Same Thing They Codedly Do & Same Life They Wish They Had?Neva Let Anyone Make U Feel Bad For Who U Re ..Have A Productive Week??.” She Wrote.


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