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My Boyfriend Who Is A Police Shot Me With His Pistol In My Mouth (Lady Narrates Her Story)

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We always hear some stories which are sad and ask ourselves some questions that we will not Det an answer from Man. People have fall into relationship and they have regretted a lot and others too are dead because of the one relationship they experienced.

Because of social media the wicked ones being exposed by some Netizens we have.

This lady is a young energetic beautiful lady, who is dating a policeman and planning of marriage in the near future. She has always been visiting her police boyfriend at home.

The lady narrating her story explained that one day when she visited the boyfriend who is a police, he told the lady that he’s tired in the relationship between them.

The lady didn’t say anything so one-day when she was looking for an apartment to rent, this policeman called her on phone and told her to come to the house. Though the lady was surprised but didn’t think evil for the ex boyfriend.

When she went to the boyfriend and we’re having discussion there was misunderstanding and all she could feel was something has passed through her mouth and it was bullet of a gun from the policeman.


This is very wickedness and the government must deal with the guy for making this beautiful lady to fall into forever traumatization.

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Before she was shot

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