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Moment Patapaa vigorously kissed German bride Liha Miller during their traditional marriage ceremony [Video]

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Patapaa has, of course, kissed his German bride many times before today January 2, 2021, as they officially get married but the sort of energy the “One Corner’ hitmaker took with the kiss is unimaginable.

Today marks the traditional marriage ceremony and wedding of Justice Amoah aka Patapaa and girlfriend Liha Miller.

The two have been in some kind of relationship which was not seen as making any serious headway by many especially when there were countless reports of their separation. However, Patapaa has proven all naysayers wrong as he kissed his wife to seal their marriage.


What started as a joke has become a serious this thing. The highlight of the Patapaa-Liha Miller marriage is the way the former vigorously and unsparingly kissed and munched the mouth of the latter.

With cheers from the those gathered therein, Patapaa was motivated to kiss off the lips and mouth of Liha Miller to send a clear message to all that their marriage indeed has materialized.

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