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Mobile money users come up with brilliant strategies to ‘dodge’ payment of E-levy

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Money money users have come up with strategies to dodge the payment of E-levy.

Some mobile money users have devised strategies to dodge the payment of E-levy.

Metro TV went on the streets to speak to people on how they’ll go about mobile money with the introduction of the electronic transaction tax.

One man said to avoid paying the E-levy, he doesn’t send money to people like he used to do.

What he does now is to allow cashout on his phone for the person he’s supposed to send the money to collect at a mobile money vendor near him or her.


Example; if you’re in Dansoman and want to send money to someone in Tema, the person in Tema will have go to a mobile money vendor and pretend he wants to withdraw money from his phone but instead of his number, he will give out the person in Dansoman’s number.

With this the person is Dansoman will allow cashout of the said amount for the person in Tema to take from the mobile money vendor.

Another man who spoke to Metro TV said he will stop using mobile money and send money to his mother in the village by giving it to trusted passengers at Bus stations.



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