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Meet Yaa Pono, His Adorable Wife and Beautiful Daughter

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Solomon Andu Antwi popularly known by the stage name Yaa Pono is a Ghanaian rapper and hip pop artiste from Tema. He has quickly risen to become not just Ghana’s but one of Africa’s premier and best-loved freestyle hip-hop artists. He started his career with freestyle music before later getting into the limelight of the Entertainment and Music industry. Pono first appeared in local radio and competitions and made his first move in the studio in the year 1995. 

Pono had the likes of Sarkodie, Stay Jay, Guru, D Cryme and Chris Waddle among his contemporaries as they often appeared together at gigs. Dr Duncan’s ‘Kasahari Level’ show proved the platform for bringing Pono’s unparalleled skill to the limelight.

Yaa pono’s true talents and multi-skills have being demonstrated through how he blends with the highlife, hip-pop, dancehall and afrobeat rththms. Blending these elements with highlife, hip-hop, dancehall and afrobeat rhythms. He is known for songs such as Amen, Obiaa Woni Master, Sokoo, Ashawo Loyalty, Control among others. As well also have collaborations with several artistes in Ghana.

Yaa Pono tied the knot with his longtime girlfriend with whom he has a beautiful daughter.



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