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Meet The Handsome And Stylist Son Of Actress Vivian Jill

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The foremost movies production in the country Kumawood is one of the best in providing calibre movies. They are the considerable source of entertainment in the country. Also they have provided the country with a lot of conquering actors and actresses. Which is Samuel Kwabena Darko the founder of industry’s diligence for the past two decades is just perfect. In this article I we will look at some pictures of one of the victorious actresses Vivian Jill Lawrence and her handsome stylist son who’s also in the entertainment industry.

Vivian Jill Lawrence is one of the considerate actress in the country. She is a bright knack in acting and a beauty goddess. She has been in the industry for about a decade now and also she has melted uncounted hearts with her perfect and unique acting skills. She’s entertaining both on set and off set and that makes her Instagram page a very enjoyable timeline to be. She’s a mother of two handsome boys. Well I will share with you some photos of her first born Clinton Prempeh.

The first born of the Kumawood actress Vivian Jill who’s also in the music industry is a student of KNUST. And he’s really stylist and good looking. He just picked up the looks of his beautiful mother that makes Mr Prempeh one of the most handsome upcoming musicians in the country. As I said earlier in this article I am to share with you some photos of Vivian Jill and her first born and the pictures are as followed;

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