Meet, Money Beast, The Ghana-Based Nigerian Richest Sakawa Boy Who Sleeps & Walks On Money

Internet scamming has being a social canker that many individuals ponder on every now and then on what measures to put in place to put a stop to it.

The activities of fraud boys otherwise known as ‘Scammers’ or ‘Yahoo Yahoo’ can’t go unnoticed from our day to day activities.

Celebrities Buzz launched a comprehensive investigation into some renowned game-boys who spend huge sums of money on daily basis and as well live a lavish life and our camera fell on one Deskid widely known as Money Beast.

Ghana-based Nigerian richest Sakawa boy

Deskid Wayne (Money Beast / Upforthemoney) is a Ghana-based Nigerian Internet fraudster who lives within Accra.

Deskid flaunts a lot of cash on social media and as well walks on a lot of cash most especially our own cherished Cedi Notes.

Ghana-based Nigerian richest Sakawa boy

He is also well noted for being loyal to his girlfriend known as ‘Waynefundsbarbie’ and always showers praise on her via his social media handles.

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