Meet Doreen Moraa Moracha who is a Proud HIV POSITIVE, her story will motivate you to love yourself no matter what.

“Good morning allow me to reintroduce myself:
My name is Doreen Moraa Moracha 26 years ago I was born to a HIV discordant couple mum is positive, dad is negative (they are still together) I am a third born in a family of 5,4 of us are still alive my little brother went to be with the Lord my other 3 siblings are HIV negative.

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The journey has been good, bad and ugly my doctors gave me just 4 years to live when my parents found out I am HIV positive but 18 years later I am still here going strong dealing with self-stigma, societical stigma, discrimination and rejection but still standing strong today is world AIDS day and the theme is “know your status and get tested” most people fear

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HIV because they know it is a death sentence well I’m here to prove you wrong I’ve been living positively for 26 years so if it was a death sentence shouldn’t I be dead already?lets break down the myths and misconceptions let’s stop the stigma, let’s love and appreciate PLWHIV because if you are not infected you are definitely affected.

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People say I make HIV look easy but it is easy I am not ready to give a small virus power over my life I AND &my status and everyday I declare that I am GREATER THAN HIV.

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Now one out there take that HIV test or better still go to a pharmacy near you and buy the self test kit and know your status from the comfort of your home.

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