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Medikal Set To Become The First Ghanaian Musician To Own A Private – Check Out How He Announced And Joey B’s Reaction

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AMG Business’ award-winning rap artiste, Medikal has announced that he will soon buy a private jet.

He made this announcement Sunday afternoon via his Twitter timeline.

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If this really turns out to be true and not just a statement of clout, Medikal will undoubtedly become the first Ghanaian musician in the country to own a private jet.

Taking to his Twitter timeline, he made two posts that suggested that this was almost a done deal. The first tweet reads: ”I go buy private jet !” and the second: ”Air Chairmano”

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Well, it appears his colleagues in the industry like Joey B are already for him before the full project even commences.

In a reaction to this announcement, Joey B wrote: ”that’ll make me happy af. bye bye to Delta for me”

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