Mark It: You Will Also Lose The December Election – Prophet Kofi Oduro Declares In Plain Language

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Leader and founder of the Alabaster International Ministry, Prophet Kofi Oduro has declared in plain language that some of the political leaders contesting the 2020 general elections will be defeated miserably.

His declaration comes few hours after Donald Trump lost the United States Elections to Joe Biden. Speaking at a live November 8 2020 Sunday service, Prophet Kofi Oduro indicated that what has just happened in the United States is about to befall on some politicians in Ghana.

He told his church members during the delivery of a sermon that, there are many politicians in the country who are living ungodly lifestyles. According to him, most of them have left their wives at home, and are meddling around with other women whilst campaigning for votes in Ghana.

According to him, those politicians whose wives are not part of their campaigns should forget about winning the elections. He declared that the time of those politicians are coming, and they will also lose the December 2020 polls miserably.

“You will lose the election, I’m telling you. Some of you will cry. There are some women if you bring them around you, you will lose. Bring your wives along to your campaign platforms, don’t go campaigning with another lady because they will bring you bad luck.

If you continue campaigning without your wives, you will lose the election miserably. I’m telling you the truth. If you don’t change your ways, you are going to be defeated in this election”. Prophet Kofi Oduro declared whilst having a live Sunday service.


He cautioned his church member to open their eyes, and vote wisely in the upcoming December elections. According to him, they should vote for leaders with vision.

“Is the person you are voting for virtue, knowledgeable and has vision. Now we don’t vote for handsome people that time is past. We need better drainage systems we need better schools. Ghana must see development and that is what you must vote for in December”. Prophet Kofi Oduro noted.



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