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Man Who Killed His Girlfriend And Slept With Her Dead Body Has Finally Revealed Why He Dit It

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A 35-year old person, Sunday Ushie, on Monday admitted to killing fiancee whom every one knows as his future wife, recognized as Nnena Samuel, and afterwards, he slept with the body multiple times until he got exhausted.

It was accumulated that the revealed that the suspect confessed to the media earlier this morning after he had already confessed to the police about the ordeal when he was interrogated.

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Ushie, a cocoa rancher in Akparabong, said the victim who was his fiancee never allowed him the chance to engage in sexual relations with her while alive, saying that we should wait till after marriage.

He said that he invited her to his home and murdered her with a knife prior to sleeping several times with her body.

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The rancher, who said he regretted his activity, blamed the occurrence on the devil.

He stated, “It is crafted by the devil. I don’t have a clue how it occurred. I am the one that slaughtered her. She was my better half and I knew her for a very long time before this episode. I slept with her body in the wake of murdering her.

“It was unusual laying down with a dead body. I never engaged in sexual relations with her while she was alive in light of the fact that she never gave me that chance. I was continually giving her cash, but she didn’t permit us to have intercourse.”

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