Mahama jab critics – You’re hypocrites; you think NPP will be in power forever

Former president John D. Mahama has described critics of being hypocrites. According to the forefront member of the NDC party, these “hypocritical” opinion leaders and critics only find their voice of condemnation of certain events in the country when those things happen under an administration of the NDC party asserting that they go silent when similar things happen under the administration of the current government.

Mr. Mahama who is currently touring the Volta Region as part of his campaign to win the flag bearer slot of the NDC ahead of the 2020 polls, told delegates and party supporters at Battor in the North Tongu Constituency, that: “The problem with Ghana is the hypocrisy of some of our opinion leaders”.

“Anytime NDC is in power, they are always very vocal”, Mr Mahama observed, adding: “When something happens: ‘This is wrong’, and they are condemning it. But as soon as their preferred government comes into power, everything is right: ‘family and friends [government]’ is okay as long as they are qualified”.

“You think NPP will be in power forever”, he asked those opinion leaders rhetorically.

These comments were made a day after the Chairman of the National Peace Council, Rev. Prof. Emmanuel Asante called on him to apologise to the nation for saying the NDC will match the NPP boot-for-boot with violence in the 2020 polls.

The said video can be seen below: