List of Kantanka Cars and their prices

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The Star of Africa, Apostle Safo Kantanka celebrated his 71st birthday on Monday 26th August 2019.

To celebrate the great African scientists we have compiled a list of his cars and their prices.


1. Kantanka Onantefo SUV 4X4 – GHC170,000.

, List of Kantanka Cars and their prices, GHSPLASH.COM
Kantanka Onantefo

Kantanka Onantefo has a comforting and relaxing interior, differentiated with supportive seats with unique layouts, effective climate control systems to breeze out your stress.

Kantanka Onantefo (SUV model) offers a 2400cc Multi Point Injector (MPI) gasoline engine with an economical fuel consumption of 10.3Litres covering 100km.

It is equipped but not limited with the following technical specifications; 5 Speed Manual Transmission, electric all-wheel drive, power steering, Air Conditioner, Leather Seat, Remote Central Lock, Euro IV Emission Standard, 245/70R17 Tire, Reverse Radar.

2. Kantanka Omama Luxury 4X4 – GHC150,000

, List of Kantanka Cars and their prices, GHSPLASH.COM
Kantanka Omama

Own a Kantanka Omama double Cabin Pick-Up (Luxury) and feel the driving experience of the spectacular human-machine interface with unique classic style.

The new Kantanka Omama (Luxury) has proven the ability to deliver extra power, fuel economy and less emissions.

With a 4-stroke 4-cylinder inline (TDI) electronic engine of 1900cc, if the car doesn’t speed check the driver yet a fuel consumption of 7.8L per 100km. Kantanka Omama (Luxury) has a unique ECU monitor, Bluetooth system, USB/AUX interface, Adjustable steering wheel and with its effective climate control stereo system, your quality will be felt.

3. Kantanka Mensah – GHC140,000.00

, List of Kantanka Cars and their prices, GHSPLASH.COM
Kantanka Mensah

Kantanka Mensah is also an automatic salon car which has 4866mm long body and 2775mm long wheel base. It has an inductive ease open trunk with trunk size 510 L large.

The car offers a 2.4cc engine size with a four-wheel independent suspension system.

Kantanka Mensah is built to withstand the extreme African weather conditions and it is equipped with full-automatic air conditioner with PM 2.5 carbon filter, a 6-way power heating sports leather seat, 4-spoke sports multi-functional leather steering wheel, an automatic headlamp illuminating angle one-key adjustment with GSI driving shift indicating system and an 8-inch HD touch screen.

The car has 6-speaker acoustic system, power two-mode anti-pinch sunroof, parking assistance, and intelligent mobile interconnection system.

The car again has super strength energy absorption body, a 6-way electronic SRS, ABS wheel speed acquisition system, 6-probe anti-collision radar and has high standard of security and a cruise control system. Kantanka Mensah, bringing luxury to your doorstep.

4. Kantanka Omama Standard 4×4 – GHC105,000

, List of Kantanka Cars and their prices, GHSPLASH.COM
Kantanka Omama Standard

The Kantanka Omama Pickup (Ordinary), a double cabin pickup with up to one-ton payload has a TDI engine with capacity of 2.2cc and fuel consumption rate of 7.8L/100km.

The Kantanka Omama (Ordinary) is tough on the skin and big at heart. Kantanka Omama (Ordinary) is fueled by diesel and has five (5) speed manual transmission system coupled with a manually controlled 4×4 knob.

5. Kantanka K71 – GHC85,000.00

, List of Kantanka Cars and their prices, GHSPLASH.COM
Kantanka Omama K71

The Kantanka k71 is a luxurious high-performance vehicle with an ultra-modern standard Technical features that guarantees the safety, comfort, luxury and the general satisfaction of customers.

It comes with a driver front air bag, ABS/EBD system, the energy absorbing steering column and many others. It is very affordable and has a fuel mileage over its competitive brand of cars on the market.

6. Kantanka Amoanimaah – GHC80,000.00

, List of Kantanka Cars and their prices, GHSPLASH.COM



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