Last video of Slay Queen, Charlotte Abena Woodey when she celebrated her birthday

Last video of Slay Queen, Charlotte Abena Woodey when she celebrated her birthday

Slay Queen, Charlotte Abena Woodey’s death is still a shock to many.

The beautiful lady passed away under mysterious circumstances.

Surprisingly, she celebrated her birthday just this 1st October, 2018.

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Where some few friends and family gathered to cheer her up.

It was during that time that she recovered a little bit from her sickness.

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In the video (below), one can see her with a new haircut while a table was set before her with bottles of champagne displayed on it.

She was with all joy as friends sang and cheered her up.


As at now, the cause of her death hasn’t being disclosed.

However, folks on social media says she was used for money rituals.

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Because, Slay Queens like them only fellowship with these big guys whose source of money is a mystery.

And as we all know, they many a times get their monies from rituals, using dubious means—talk of sacrificing fellow human beings.

Especially, these so-called Slay Queens who warms their beds.


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Rumours also has it that Abena snatched someone’s boyfriend and the person cursed her, making her to fall sick and after several prayers, she recovered, but got sick again and was rushed to the 37 Military hospital where she died there.

Watch video below of her birthday party before her death:




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