Landlady asks student to vacate house over loud noise making during Hot Game

A 24-year-old Nigerian student based in Ghana has been threatened by her landlady to vacate her house due to her constant noise making during sex.

According to the landlady, she has received several complains from neighbours and other occupants of the apartment about the noise the young lady makes during sex.

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“Every house has a rule that one has to adhere to when renting an apartment. I have a big house which I rent out.

I rented out a single room self-contained to a beautiful young Nigerian lady who is a student in one of the universities in Kumasi for three years (2017-2020).

We lived in peace for some time but recently she comes home with different men and makes loud noises anytime they have sexual intercourse. She makes very loud noises that even irritates people outside the house.

I confronted her several times on this issue and even advised her to reduce her noise making but it fell on deaf ears.

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Recently, two other neighbours confronted me about the lady’s noisemaking and added that is either they vacate the apartment or I ask the young lady to leave.

I have complained to her several times but to no avail so I have no choice than to ask her to leave”, the Landlady disclosed.

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However, according to the student she does not see anything wrong with the noise she makes during sex as it is normal.

She also stated that doesn’t believe in having a relationship and sticking to one partner but rather sex is a game which has to be enjoyed.

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