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Lady Who Went Missing After Going For A Job Interview Found Dead

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A lady who was seeking for a job has been found dead with her body shallowly buried in a grave.

Nigerian lady from Akwa Ibom identified as Inuibong Umoren was said to have been killed by her cousin as she went looking for a job.

According to information, the alleged abductor identified as Uduak Frank has been arranged before the Nigerian court for further investigation as he confesses to killing the girl.

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This has made many people to react to such an inhuman behaviour that has lead to a lady with a promising future and a long life

It so sad this is happen in Nigeria, and it more painful that she was only trying to Huzzle for herself rather than doing prostitution buh the wicked ones took her life. We pray and believe you are resting with the lord. Rest In Peace Black Sunday

How can you call a person for a job interview. And kill them? What level of inhumanity and evil resides in you for you to pull this off? And these people are on here with us, picking through social media and claiming victims from among us. Rest in peace Ini Umoren

Why do we have to pull gender card in every single situation?? Pray for the girl to Rest In Peace and send condolences to her family. If there’s anything you can do to assist them in this trying times, do it. No one is safe in this country, not just women.

Rest in peace Iniobong Umoren.. Killed and buried in a shallow Grave…What a way to die.May the light guide you home..And may your killer, his family, his Generation never be in Peace..may they not see the light ever.May darkness be their portion for ever.




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