Lady Lynched And Burnt Alive After Refusing To Provide Arm Robber Boyfriend

A lady identified as Vivian a.k.a China has been burnt to death by an angry mob in Obudu, local government area of Cross River State in Nigeria for allegedly helping armed robbers to steal motorcycles.

Vivian a.k.a China

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Vivian who is a graduate from Federal College of Education, FCE Obudu has also been accused of killing an okada rider early this month.

She was lynched and set on fire yesterday December 29, 2018 after failing to provide her boyfriend. Neighborhood looked on as she was helpless killed.

One Facebook user with the name Tomclassic Amunde Jnr who witnessed the incident posted;

“I was there Live and saw it all. Two well known Police Officers were standing beside me watching the whole scenario. Most of us from the opposing view, our opinion didn’t count because we were so little compared to those who were chanting the burning anthem. It took up to an hour before she was lastly burnt”.

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An eye witness said;

“I came out of my house this morning and saw some boys beating up China and asking her of her boyfriend. I identified some of the boys to be cult boys belonging to the KKs. They told the girl to call her friend. She took her phone, tried to reach her friend but it was not successful. So they told her that if her friend does not come out, they will burn her and just like play, they did it.”

Another said:

“They dragged her and kept beating her from her house till they got to the cyclists park and a big crowd of more than 500 persons gathered and watched her being burned alive.”

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