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“Ladies Must Be Very Careful” – A Slay Queen Allegedly Used By Sakawa Guys Has Been Found Dead.

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Indeed wonders they said shall never cease to end as long as our stay on this planet continues. Many social media users have been thrown into a state of total disbelieve as photo of a young slay queen allegedly used for rituals by Sakawa guys was shared on the internet.

What at all is happening in the world? The world today is full of a lot of strange things happening each and every day. As days go by, strange things keep happening as well as good news also keep coming to our doorsteps. Sometimes certain things do happen which is beyond the thinking capacity of humans because they are above our limit. Unfortunately for our human race, some people tend to do things which seem unbelievable to some people because they are not eye witnesses to it.

Hardship and unemployment happening in our world today especially here in Africa has made a lot of young people to endulge in other illegal practices to make it in life. A lot of young people who cannot endure the hardship they go through end up doing what goes contrary to society norms in order to get rich.

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Sakawa is the common practice among young people of today in quest of making quick money in order to live expensive lives. In case you don’t know what Sakawa is, below is a brief description. Sakawa is a Ghanaian term for illegal practices which combine modern Internet-based fraud with African traditionalist rituals.The term or word Sakawa is an Hausa word which means putting inside, how to make money.

A beautiful young lady was reported missing some couple of days ago as she couldn’t be found by her friends and family. Everyone tried as much as possible to get in touch with her but all efforts proved futile thinking she’s a grown up and will come back home.

Her known friends she makes moves with didn’t also know she she went to until she was finally found dead and dumped at the back of someone’s house.

According to reports by some of her friends, there are some rich area guys who they have been going out with occasionally and but have always wondered the source of their wealth but they keep it secret from them.

Two weeks after their friend got missing, they have found her body lying down lifeless at the back of someone’s house. This got the friends of the dead lady and other people suspecting that she has been used for rituals ‘Sakawa’ by the guys even though it is not yet confirmed. Friends and family members of the beautiful slay queen have been left with tears after they found her body dumped and lifeless.

The dead body has been conveyed by the Liberian police as they set to carryout investigations concerning the cause and the alleged Sakawa area Boys who are responsible for such a horrible act.

Money indeed is really ruining the lives of innocent young people of today. What might be the cause of quick money among the youths of today? Please let’s pray for our up and coming young ladies who want to live big and so follow the so-called big boys to be very careful about their whereabouts

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