L3ak: Alleged [email protected] Of Akuapem Poloo Surfaces Online

Like they say there is alway a truth in every rumor, although we really wish there isn’t any truth un this rumor.

So I’m browsing this very popular ‘Atupa l3ak‘ website at midnight like all these other bloggers do – cuz, you know; that’s all that left to do after spending the whole day minding the businesses of relevant people and copying and pasting.

Fast forward I’m like ten (10) videos deep and HOLY SHOOT!! I see a video with the title “Ghana: Akuapim Polo’s Alleged S*%[email protected] From A Guest House In Aburi” which was posted on “MARCH 18, 2019″

I watched the video and it’s still dithering to me whether or not it’s for real our own Rosemond Brown a.k.a Akuapem Poloo in this video. I mean, at a point, I think it’s her and at another point, I think it’s not her…

If it’s not Akuapem Poloo in the video then someone should advise the admins of empressl3ak to change the video title, if it’s her to then aaa!! 🤷‍♂️ me di33 I’m here blogging my life away.

I am not able to share the video here because our website policies does not it. But if you want to see this badly then click here to find it!, just don’t whack off to it, get a gf GADEMIT!!