Lilwin’s Wife Calls Police to Arrest the Girl Lilwin is Sleeping with for Stealing her Car

False Reports coming from Kumasi suggest that  Kumawood’s Kwadwo Nkansah Lilwin’wife, Patricia Nkansah has reported actress, Sandra Ababio Sarfo to the Sofo line police for stealing her Camry car.

According to her, the lady has been driving around town in a car which is registered in her name. When Police chased the car this morning at Kwadaso estate, Sandra’s friend was driving it so they arrested both of them upon catching up with them.

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Further false reports from the lady suggested that Lilwin bought her the car 2 months ago, however, she is yet to see the paperworks.

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Lilwin’s marriage to Patricia has hit the rocks— apparently, h sacked her from their matrimonial home on the back of infidelity.

Lilwin according to Ghpage‘S earlier publication revealed the Kumawood star didn’t have time for his wife because of his busy work schedules and in turn accused his wife of cheating on him.

Kwadwo Nkansah, came out to deny the reports , stating that it was just rumored and we can’t live on that.But that was a blatant lie coming from Kwadwo Nkansah Lilwin.

However, LilWin himself has commented on his matrimonial problems at several movie locations, claiming, his wife couldn’t keep up with his workload.


All the allegations and denials didn’t make sense to us at Ghpage , so we decided to probe further and do our own investigations.

According to our source, Kwadwo Nkansah Lilwin is committing the same offense he is leveling against his wife.

For some months now, this has been an open secret to many key industry players.

Interestingly, Ghpage was told, and if I am to quote the source- “ Lilwin is flirting, banging and going out with Sandra, that wannabe Kumawood star and not a secret within those in the Kumawood circles .”

Following Ghpage earlier publication stated that Lilwin had sacked his wife he suffered from the beginning with, on the basis of infidelity –someone close to the couple, contacted us to say that’s Bull Sh*t!

According to this source close to the couple, Lilwin didn’t have time for his family and was rather cheating on his wife-Patricia with Sandra Ababio, another Kumawood actress.

Interestingly, Ghpage got the information that, Lilwin’s wife, Patricia Afriyie continuously complained about his absence from his matrimonial home—and that sometimes for 2 months, LilWin would be gone without Patricia knowing his exact location and in those most times of the months will be spent with Sandra.

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Ghpage reached out to Sandra, to hear her side of these allegations leveled against her and this is what were told via 12th Minutes phone conversation.

Our earlier reaction after the close source told us this ‘revelation’ was — ” How the heck did Sandra Sarfo’s name come up upon all the numerous Kumawood actresses”?

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