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Kumiwaa Describe The Powerful Man Who Secretly Placed Cocaine In Her Bag Which Got Her Jailed In USA

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According to Kumawood Actress Kumiwaa she could only describe the rich and powerful man who secretly placed cocaine in her luggage which subsequently got her jailed in the United States of America.

Not that she is afraid to boldly mention his name but she wants sleeping dogs to lie silently Without raising anymore controversies. Again, she is quiet because of some few reasons.

In an interview with Oman Channel, she explained that, the man is very popular in the entertainment industry with many links. Again,vHe is quiet and gentle type with many companies in his name.

” When I was approached that this rich man wanted us to go and shoot a movie in America, I never asked Question because I believed in him. He is gentle and quiet type.” she explained.

” Sadly, I couldn’t meet this man personally because all the travelling Documents were done by some two men who escorted me to the USA. These men absconded at the airport when I was Arrested with drugs unknowingly hidden in my bag. They had lied that I was going to shoot a movie for them” she added.

People were of the view that, the two men could have played their diabolic agenda with the powerful man’s name. Perhaps, he Knows nothing about it.


Kumiwaa thanked God for helping her come out of USA jail after spending some few months for drug offence despite some Judges pressed more years for her in jail.

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