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Kumawood’s Abonsam Cartoon Video Goes Viral As Popular Actor Chops Down Woman In Hot Bathroom Style (Video)

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A new video which sees a Kumawood actor known as Kobby benging a girl in a bathroom is going viral on Social media and it’s obvious the guys want to change the game a bit.

Kumawood Pono
Kumawood Pono

The lady could be seen bending her knees on the WC and the actor was giving her doggy from behind, as she moans in ecstasy and it was soo loud that, it drove attention to the scene.

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Ghbase.com has however learned that it’s a  scene from a movie which is yet to come out and the producers leaked it to sort of suggest it’s one of those leaked ‘atupa’ videos.


In the video, one could clearly see it’s acting–I mean who keeps their boxers on that angle in that doggy style and the girl’s dress–We would have seen the full butt.

You Can DOWNLOAD FULL VIDEO Of Kumawood Bonsam Cartoons

Watch the video making rounds below:

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