Kumawood Produce Their Second Pon Movie

Nobody would have believed there was going to be a time Kumawood will be producing porn movies. Well, here is the moment. Porn in Kumawood.

The local Twi language produced movies in Ghana has played a pivotal role in displaying and selling abroad the rich culture of our noble country.

The movie industry has since; making film in Ghana held in high esteem the respectable, rich, cultural practices of the numbers of ethnic cultures especially that of the Asantes.



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As the Kumawood industry grew, so did it attract people of distinctive unique ideas and talents to put their craft into use, adding juice to the industry, to make the Ghanaian Twi language movies attractive.

This helped the Ghana movie industry to raise shoulders with other competitive countries whose movies were taking over that of our own; Nigeria was the most African country that eluded their way through on Ghana’s movie market. Probably it was the kind of stories they were showing to the public.

Ghana movie makers has been doing quiet well to out-beat that of Nigeria and the trend of how Ghanaians are patronizing the local movies is a prove.

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Producers and Directors has done their best to feed the public with the type of stories they demand.

The industry keeps growing, new Producers and Directors are entering into the scene, competition is rising, and every movie person want to tap at the area he/she can get their returns of investment. Porn in Kumawood.

This has made them overlooked critical aspect of the stories they are producing in relation to Ghana culture. Nude and sex scenes are stealthy making their way through in the local movie industry.

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To do porn in Kumawood was then a disgrace and no producer or film director would even dare to shoot a nude scene in their story. Contrary to the past, the present says otherwise, the world is developing, we are in the 21st Century and for that matter, culture has a little role to play in human society.

Nobody cares what you show the public, as long as porn in Kumawood serves others interest, there is nothing wrong to do porn in Kumawood. What film producers and directors consider is the big money that comes into their pocket for doing porn movies.

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What does the future holds for Kumawood? Are Ghanaians going to be watching porn in their homes with family members? What education are the movie industry trying to offer the next generation; the future builders of this country? porn in kumawood. There should be extensive moderation to prevent porn in Kumawood movies.