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Kumawood Child Actress Maame Yaa Jackson Pregnant At Age 19?

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Kumawood child actress Maame Yaa Jackson is no longer a child anymore, she’s grown and now ready for a new responsibility ahead of her as she has announced on Social media that she’s expecting a baby.

Maame Yaa Jackson who is 19 years old and still in school, has announced that she’s expecting a baby. Her announcement came as a surprise to people on Social media. While some people congratulated her for not thinking of aborting the baby, some criticised her for rushing into pre-marital sekz and getting pregnant in the end.

Regardless, the 19-year-old actress who says she’s also a model and a fashionista can’t ‘wait’ for her incoming baby ‘Junior’.

Maame Yaa Jackson

Maame Serwaa is her age mate and they acted in several movies in their early teen years.

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In an Instagram post, she wrote:


Making the decision to have a baby 👶 is momentous.It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body❤.Patiently waiting for you ‘Junior dahm #attitude😎

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Well, since one is considered as an adult and legal to get married at age 18, perhaps, she wants to start having babies at an early age-

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Maame Yaa Jackson

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