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Here Is How Kumawood Movie Stars Make Per Movie Role

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Kumawood is an invented Ghanaian movie industry terminology which simply means movies made in Kumasi ;and the movies are mostly done in the local dialect, Akan. It is a fact that these Akan language movies are the favorites of many Ghanaians,  it has also come to save the Ghana movie industry at a time the competition from our neighboring country, Nigeria has been very keen and fierce in terms of budgets and production quality.

Critics and keen observers  posit  that the Ghanaian movies lack originality and it is actually killing the movie scene in Ghana. Either ways, actors and actresses are making a decent amount of money for themselves in their career. They are stars in their own domain and mostly disassociates themselves from the Ghallywood stars. A few actors in the Ghallywood section try to mingle and have a movie or 2 with them but there are just a handful of such projects.

Kumawood movies have their own awards since they feel disrespected and cheated at the general Ghana movie awards.


Popular stars in the Ghallywood section have bought themselves mansions and luxury cars by just doing the Kumawood movies. We researched how much actors in the field are paid per movie.

Even though the numbers are not too big but from the speedy rate at which Kumawood movies are released, a simple maths could tell you that they are raking enough. A Kumawood producer told OMGGhana that a big budget Kumawood movie with at least 5 top stars will cost somewhere GHC30,000 ($15,000) including advertisements and promotion. Click next to find out who’s making what and the top earning Kumawood stars making a fortune from their talents. Click next and let’s go.

Vivian Jill Lawrence – GHC1,500.00


Vivian is a darling in the Kumawood movies, she mostly play the girl in rugs from the slums or the poor girl or sometimes the clown from the village. She makes a decent GHC1,500.00 per movie.

Emelia Brobbey – GHC 1,500.00

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Emelia Brobbey also plays similar role like Vivian Jill’s. Sometimes she plays the beautiful girl in a broken marriage. She’s also good at crying and portraying sadness. She also makes GHC1,500.00 per movie

Akua Ataa (Kyeiwaa) – GHC1,500.00


There were about 11 installments of the Kyeiwaa movie series and she took GHC1,500.00 per movie, now do the maths, not bad is it? Kyeiwaa said in an interview that since she started doing movies, she’s bought herself a 2-bedroom house and yet to buy a car, not bad aye?

Bill Asamoah – GHC1,500.00


Bill is the darling boy, the handsome guy, the John Dumelo of Kumawood and he makes a cool GHC1,500.00 per movie

Mercy Asiedu – GHC1,500.00


She’s mostly the witch, the fight-freak, the troublemaker and she also make GHC1,500.00 for causing troubles in Kumawood movies.

Kwaku Manu – GHC1,800.00 to GHC2,000.00


He took Agya Koo’s place in the comedy field, many say his style is more of funny insults but he is very funny, he makes a cool 1,800 to 2,000 Ghana Cedi just to insult people. Cool aye?

Akrobeto – GHC2,500.00


He drives a Toyota Venza, he graduated from concert party and made it to the movies and it’s so far the best upgrade ever. He makes GHC2,500.00 per movie.

Nana Ama Mcbrown – GHC2,500.00


Ama is the Nadia Buari of Kumawood. Nana Ama McBrown does both Kumawood and Ghallywood movies. She does well in both sectors. She also makes GHC2,500.00 when she does Kumawood movies.

Liwin – GHC 4,000.00


He is a freshman and the man of the moment where Kumawood is concerned. He has gradually taken over the screens and gained the love of many Ghanaians. Liwin makes a whooping GHC4000.00 per movie just to make everyone laugh.

Agya Koo – GHC10,000.00


He has reigned for a long time. At a moment, several issues tried to bring him down but he’s the top-earner in Kumawood, During the time when he was on the very top, rumors had it that he will take nothing less than 10,000GHC but currently he makes 5,000 per movie. Not bad for someone who has been replaced by many.

Remember these guys have at least 60+ movies, do the maths, meaning each of them is worth at least 90,000 Ghana cedis. Isn’t a lot of money for the short while they have  been in the industry?

At the time of going to press, we had reliable information that Agya Koo and Kwaku Manu have buried their differences and are teaming up again to churn out the most hilarious movies you can ever get from Ghana. One of the academic findings that the academia has discovered that the making of movies in the local languages help keep the local languages vibrant and alive ( courtesy of the University of Ghana’s Department of Linguistics). So the making of movies in the local languages is after all not a bad move as it helps many people earn a living, boost the economy, keeps the people entertained taking their minds off many stressful issues and also as to keep our language culture alive.

If you had a different view about the Kumawood, we hope from today, your perspectives would change. Let’s support our arts because it keeps our culture alive.

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