Kumawood Actress NAYAS Fight With Pamela Odame Over BOYFRIEND Snatching [Video]

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Kumawood actress Nayas who is well known for the Ernest Opoku saga has been seen in a video fighting Pamela Odame – the big breasted young lady.

In the video sighted by, Nayas can be seen holding Pamela Odame by the shirt, causing her of snatching the boyfriend.

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Pamela Odame can be heard questioning Nayas to why she is acting weird, holding her. She further threatens to imprison Nayas calling her unprintedable names.

Pamela leans forward to grab Nayas wig, ripping it off leaving it on the floor.

These two have been on each other for a little while now, finally leading to this altercation.

This is hilarious, more than a Kumawood live movie, everyone needs to see this, don’t forget to share.

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Video of Nayas fighting Pamela Odame below

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