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Kumawood Actress Ellen White, allegedly dating Emelia Brobbey’s Ex Husband and that’s inflaming a tussle between the two actresses -Here’s all the gist.

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Someone said this Entertainment industry is full of mess, backbiting, pull him down and I couldn’t disagree with him more. One also argues in every sphere of life, there are such characters but hey, the “PHD” in the “kumawood” seems to be worse.

And the Ellen White-Emelia mix-up is just a tip of the iceberg and I am going to make this clear, simple and very easy to understand.

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Emelia’s marital BACKGROUND – Emelia Brobbey had been married twice.

The Former teacher turned actress Emelia Brobbey divorced her first husband in 2012. She got married again to a doctor and they also divorced.

The circumstance that led to that divorce needs a post on its own but we are going to summarize it.

According to Ghpage.com ‘s investigation, Emelia Brobbey who was then married to her first husband brought her sick mother to Dr. Boateng’s clinic where they met and he started dating her till she(Emelia) became pregnant.

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She went ahead to divorce her husband to be with Dr. Boateng and they had one son (Randy Boateng) together.

According to what Ghpage.com gathers, Dr. Boateng had another child with Emelia  but they lost the child at birth and it was a baby girl.

Dr. Kofi Adu Boateng, founder of End Point Homeopathy Clinic.

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The doctor divorced Emelia again upon infidelity grounds and married another woman called “Naa Korkor”. But even before Emelia and Naa Korkor , he had a first wife called Maame Aba. In order not to this post lengthy, here , you can read the full gist on the marriage here: Actress Emelia Brobbey’s baby daddy exposed again!

How did Ellen White Come into the picture?

Kumawood actress Ellen Kyei Whte

Ellen White came into the picture after Ghpage.com “chanced” unto an allegation made by Kumasi-based movie blogger Busumuru Sean Kingston.

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In a post on his facebook timeline, the blogger threatened to expose actress Emelia Brobbey all because of some issues related to her ex-husband, Dr Boateng.

…In a post on his facebook timeline, the blogger threatened to expose actress Emelia Brobbey all because of some issues related to her ex-husband, Dr Boateng.

Actress Emelia Brobbey

He wrote; unedited;

“Actress Emelia Brobbey is about time you stop those childish act you are doing behind scenes , why would you pay people just to tarnish the image of your Ex. Husband you have a child with , Emelia remember he Nobel Dr. Adu Boateng has once helped you and your family … Taking you from nowhere to somewhere .. If you are no more with him let the man’s name rest .. Or else within the next three days every secret I will revealed it .. Your innocent face portrayed in movies is not your real character..Becareful or else 3 days will let the cat out of the bag …. BSK 4 Real”

A lot of revelation and allegations in just a post. True, the doctor helped Emelia when they were married.

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Upon what Ghpage.com gathered, the  Dr. Boateng bought Emelia Brobbey a Range Rover, he rented an apartment for Emelia. Also rented a shop for her at Pillar 2 junction(Dome).

He rebranded Emelia’s father’s hotel and renamed it The End Hotel in Kumasi and he was also the initial financier of Emelia’s End Time Movie Productions she did years ago.

However, it was the comments in Busumuru’s post that people(you can say pro- Emelia fans, sympathizers or perhaps close pals ) made a lot of counter-accusations against the blogger or whoever he is working for.

According to one Queen Xtera, alleged, he has also been bribed to tarnish the image of Emelia.Daniel Landry jumps in to say he is working for Ellen White.

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