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Keche No Dulling Hit Makers Put Their House At East Legon On Display: Check It Out

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We had many musical group in the country, but now most of them have party ways and we just have a few now.

But the likes of Keche, R2 bees has been around for years more than 16 years and still counting and both music group are still active and consistent in the music industry.

Keche as popularly known by people is a Ghanaian musical hip- life duo that has been around since the year 2004 the music duo consist of Joshua Kojo Amoah and Andrew Kofi Cudjoe. The word keche means “Skills” in the Alan language.

The music group became popular after the release of their debut album title Pressure.

They are known for songs Sokode, Aluguntugui, Diabetes, Pressure amongst others.

Both of them have an active relationship and I think that is one of the reasons they have been together for a while now.

They are very active on social media and often relate with fans and followers both in social media and in real life.



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