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Kantanka outdoors bulletproof car for Ghana’s President

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Kantanka Automobile, led by Safo Kantanka Jr, has unveiled a special high-cost and security vehicle that has purposely been designed for the president of Ghana.

In a video sighted by on the official Youtube channel of an entertainment blog, the CEO of the company made the astounding declaration during the recent Kantanka exhibition.

The Ghanaian group of companies, as readers would recall, held an end-of-year exhibition ceremony of their interesting innovations, which was the 40th of its kind.

Apostle Dr. Sarfo Kantanka has unveiled a bulletproof car meant to be used by the Ghanaian president.

Christened Kantanka Nhyira, the car has been molded in the category of the famous “Beast”, the official car of the President of the United States.

The innovative engineer cum man of God and his Kantanka Automobile Company disclosed this at its 40th Technological Exhibition at the Apostle Safo School of Art and Science (ASSAS).

The company, which is the local car manufacturing company in Ghana also unveiled other innovative automobiles during the exhibition.

It unveiled a a luxurious sports car known as the ‘Akofena’. Features available on the inside of the Kantanka Akofena includes;

Anti-lock braking system

High-quality white-coloured leather seats

Ambient lights

Hi-Fi speakers

Large LED TV and various dashboard digital monitors



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