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More Photos From Kantanka Car Showroom, ~ Take A Look At The Cars & Prices 2020

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Kantanka Automobile is ready for more business and has opened a new showroom in Achimota, so the public can come and see the kind of cars they have available and buy them.

This happens to be the first showroom for the company and they have put some cars in there, that they want to sell to the public. At a press meeting with the media at the showroom on Monday, the company showcased their beautiful cars.

Speaking at the event, General Manager of Kantanka Automobile, Francis Kujoji, revealed that the company produces an astronomical amount of cars at their various assembly lines across the country but are working hard to open more showrooms to drive sales.

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The CEO of Katanka Automobile, Kwadwo Safo Jr stated that, their cars have been declared safe by the Standards Authority and that the company ensures that they follow safety measures when designing their cars in every stage of the process and so claims by some people that their cars are not safe is false and only attempts to discredit an innovative company.

The cars undergo various, rigorous stages of testing and if it fails at any stage, is sent back to be rectified and then go through each testing stage once again.

He also said their cars meet the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) requirements for production of automobiles.

General Manager Kujoji also revealed plans for the company to outdoor it’s automatic line of vehicles (existing cars are all manual gears) and also electric powered cars, all before the end of 2018.

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Kantanta Automobile have a concerted plan to run a celebrity inspired campaign to raise public awareness not only about the new showroom but the entire brand and the high quality standard of cars they produce, Kwadwo Safo Jr. also made clear.

In their remarks, the company also bemoaned the fact that despite the rhetoric of all governments both past and present, their business is not being encouraged despite it being ‘made in Ghana’ and they are rather facing setbacks, chief among which is the company having to pay duty on every car produced.

In fiery remarks, the General Manager called for the government to stop putting obstacles in the path of a local business like theirs and instead work to help them make Ghana proud as the only viable local car manufacturing company competing with the big dogs in the industry.

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The new showroom inside Achimota is adjacent to the FBN Bank in the vicinity of the old collapsed Melcom building.

Take a look at the cars in the showroom and their prices

A Look At The Kantanka Mensah Which Sells For  Ghc85,000

kantanka mensah pictures
kantanka mensah
kantanka mensah pictures
Kantanka Mensah
kantanka mensah pictures
Kantanka Mensah

A Look At The Kantanka K71

kantanka k71
kantanka k71
kantanka k71

A Look At The Kantanka Onantefo which sells for Ghc170,000

kantanka onatefo

A Look At The Kantanka  Amoanimaa Which Sells For Ghc80,0000.

Kantanka Amoanimaa

The Kantanka Showroom building.

Katanka Showroom



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